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Blue Brush Therapy offers individual sessions for counselling support, art therapy and Theraplay for adults and children.

Emma Watkins is an acredited ACC counsellor for individuals and group work, a registered Art Therapist and has also been trained in Theraplay - an attachment focused therapeutic approach.  Emma specialises in offering structured playful interventions to strengthen relationships, improve communication and support positive changes in childrens behaviour. She is experienced in working with people who have experienced sexual abuse, trauma and/or are experiencing mental health issues.



Blue Brush Therapy

1a Harewood Road, Papanui, Christchurch.

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Bus lines: 28, 95, 107, 108, 125, Orbiter and Blue Line.

Interpersonal Psychotherapy

A 12-16 week short term intervention for depression and PTSD. Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT) explores how our relationships impact on our mental health. This approach can also be included as part of an ACC ISSC Intervention Support to Wellbeing Plan.



Counselling and/or art therapy services provided to meet your therapeutic goals. ACC counselling services are available.


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Counselling sessions for children supported by their key caregiver - mum, dad, grandparents, and/or foster carers.


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"Everyone gets a brush of the blues. There are times in almost everyone's life when they feel the need to reach out and get some extra support. For many people this is professional counselling. I offer counselling support for adults and I also specialise in playful therapeutic interventions for children and their caregivers. Children communicate through play and a playful moment can happen anytime, anywhere. I believe actions can speak louder than words in the journey to a happier child and a happier family.

Even if that child is the one inside you."

Emma Watkins


Specialised therapeutic support for children and adults. ACC Accredited counsellor and registered Art Therapist.




Papanui Youth Centre,

1a Harewood  Road, Christchurch 8053

021 - 932 - 855



Monday - Thursday: 09:00 to 2:30


Blue Brush Therapy is a family focused service. In our experience children find it challenging to attend a therapeutic session after school when they are tired as they need time to play or relax. To ensure our clients have as positive an experience as possible our standard operating hours are during school term times and hours.




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