Emma Watkins


I am an accredited ACC ISSC counsellor, a registered Art Therapist, a Theraplay practitioner, an Interpersonal Psychotherapist and an EMDR provider. I specialise in playful therapeutic interventions for children and their caregivers using counselling, art therapy and theraplay techniques. I have experience working with people with mental health issues, and people who have experienced sexual abuse and/or trauma. I have several years experience as a specialist clinician at the STOP Children's Service working with children who are engaging in concerning sexualised behaviour. 

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What is Art Therapy?

Art Therapy is a form of expressive therapy that uses art making  to improve a person’s mental and emotional well-being. Art Therapy can help to resolve issues as well as develop new strategies. It can be used to help manage behaviors, thoughts and feelings, reduce stress, and improve self-esteem and awareness. You don’t need to be talented or an artist to find the process helpful. It can be as part of the counselling process or as the key approach in your therapeutic sessions. I am a registered Art Therapist through ANZACATA and a member of the New Zealand EMDR Association..


  • Masters in Art Therapy, Registered Art Therapist
  • ACC accredited counsellor
  • Theraplay Trained Practitioner
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Interpersonal Psychotherapy
  • EMDR practitioner

What is Theraplay?

Theraplay is a child and family therapy for building and enhancing attachment, self-esteem, trust in others, and joyful engagement. It is based on the natural patterns of playful, healthy interaction between parent and child and is personal, physical, and fun. Theraplay interactions focus on four essential qualities found in parent-child relationships: Structure, Engagement, Nurture, and Challenge. Theraplay sessions create an active, emotional connection between the child and parent or caregiver, resulting in a changed view of the self as worthy and lovable and of relationships as positive and rewarding.